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onsdag 14 juli 2010

The uprise - Friends, fights & fun (1986-1987)

01. Someone said today
02. Around the world
03. Back in the days
04. When is see
05. Media fools
06. Malpractice
07. Carry a flag
08. Friends, fights & fun
09. Winning the war
10. Bad reputation (Thin Lizzy cover)

Released as a bootleg cassette by Streetwise records after the band broke up in 1988.

This one was actually released after their breakup but to get my discography right i upload this one first. This tape is a collection of their early demos and the quality is awefull but enjoyable anyway. In 1988 Link Records was about to release a 8-track LP called Friends, fights and fun but that never happened so instead this bootleg was released as a tribute to the band.
The album title is a hint to their affiliation in the FFF gang.

To be honest this tape is pure garbage and the soundquality is on the same level as The Allegiances releases and trying to find anything good is hard. Anyway its worth a download since its a true piece of rare Oi!-core history.

2 kommentarer:

  1. They were not tied in with FFF. That was strictly a california thing.

  2. any chance for a re-up?