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söndag 18 juli 2010

Band of felons - Demo (2002)

01. New scapegoats
02. Punk rock romance
03. Working poor
04. Fuck up (Live)

Selfreleased by the band in 2002.

A New Jersey band that was fronted by the Oi! veteran Eddie Shots that passed away at a to young age 2 years ago. Except from this band he was active in Turnpike wrecks and also played a part in the legendary skaband Hub city stompers.
The original lineup was Eddie on bass and vocals, Dave on drums, Sean on guitar and backup vocals and Joe Knots on lead guitar. This band only released a homemade CDEP on their own label Go for broke in 2003 but had tons of songs like these that never got released.

This is decent Oi! with a rock'n'roll twist and for the time this band was around i am amazed that they never got to release more then a CDEP. New scapegoats is the best song and definatly worth downloading.

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