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lördag 10 juli 2010

Varios artists - Oink! Skinzine #5 7'' (1998)

01. Lager lads - Finest hur (Canada)
02. Infiltrators - Fucking cowards
03. The wretched ones - The Oi! mode
04. The krays - Oi! what happened to punk today?

Released as a free 7'' with issue #5 of the American Oink! Skinzine.

I never actually owned the zine but this is another one of those records i have bought from people overseas.
Canadian Lager lads starts the record with one of their better songs that was also featured on their colletionalbum.
Infiltrators deliver an all exclusive track that is directed to racist skins with the chorus "White power, white cowards" and its also the best track on this release. Infiltrators at their best.
The wretched ones contributes a song that was exclusive in 1998 but was released on one of their full-lengths later on. Nothing speciall and one of their weaker tracks.
The krays is one of those uneven bands that sometimes make great music and sometimes make utter garbage. This is one of the better ones.
A good release showcasing some of the 90's "softer" Oi! bands and it was worth paying money for even if it is a free 7''.
(a bit of a quick and sloppy review i know but the wether is to damn good to be wasted on sitting here)

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