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fredag 16 juli 2010

Lyrics for Backlash by New glory

¤Nerdfacts: The photo is taken from a riot that was started by skinheads in City Gradens. The jumping skinhead in the front is actually Matt Andrews brother Scott that used to play guitar in The Uprise¤

Steelcapped boots and jungle greens, the time's right we're gonna come clean
Standin' on our own, you know what I mean!
We march on to victory, they beat them but they won't beat me
We fight the moneyman enemy!

The time has come! It's all on the line! We win or die!

We toe the line, the skinhead, our way of life it hangs by a thread
Our back's against the wall, but we're not dead!
We'll take our pride and all on our back, let's put the traitors to the rack
It's time for the backlash attack!

The time has come! It's all on the line! We win or die!

Will we find strength or will we die? will the New Glory banner fly?
Hear the backstreet battle cry... U.S. skinheads will never die!

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