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fredag 2 juli 2010

Boot Party II - Headstomp (1996)

01. Lost America
02. Syphilis pony
03. Demon implant
04. Respect
05. Spawn
06. You'll need a mop
07. Unemployed
08. Boss man
09. Art is dead
10. A.C.A.B. (4-skins cover)
11. Make my day
12. Sugar sugar (Andy Kim cover)/Dirty whore
13. Voyer
14. Nothing
15. Mafia men
16. Indy label
17. Alcohol
18. Dont wear flesh
19. Transgression
20. United nations
21. Boot party
22. M-16

Released by Step-1 Music in 1996.

(Update 05 Sept 2011: John the drummer went on to play in the band Smash points and then later in the band Deflicted together with Kelly from this band.)

First of all this is NOT the same band as Boot party from Cali. This band is from Spartanburg in South Carolina and was formed after the "real" Boot Party and they probably sold a whole heap of records thanks to the other group. This band is not in any way trying to copy the first band and my guess is that they where totally unaware about the other band when releasing this album. They lean a bit more to hardcore then Oi! on most tracks but also have a couple of good punkrock tracks thrown in (22 songs fitted in one record).

Having 22 songs in one record is oftenly a bullshit warning and to be honest most tracks are pure garbage and the ones that are really good are over way to quickly. The ones you should really give a try are Art is dead, Boss man and Demon implant and if you forget about their bandname you could actually find yourself some real gems of your own.

5 kommentarer:

  1. This album is kinda like the Battle Cry album...I listened to it a few times, tried to like it, but never felt the urge to listen to it again. LOTS of people think this is the other Boot Party...didn't they listen to it?! Not even close.

  2. I know this is more hardcore and the vocalist is not even close to resemble the other bands

  3. this is the album I wasted $15 on. If they didnt know there was a band of legend status by he same name then they sure made a profitable mistake. dont waste your bandwidth this album, oi doesnt get any worse than this.

    dave rebel

  4. I came here trying to find out whether this Boot Party was the same band as the Boot Party who had a song on that 'Super Yobs vol.2' compilation.

    Now I know. Thank you! :)


  5. Fuckin up I bought the wrong album