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lördag 24 juli 2010

Headwound - Ginmill (2004)

01. Part-time resident
02. Trashbag
03. Sloppy seconds
04. White knuckle love
05. 3 cheers for beer
06. Forklift operator
07. Tossin'-n-turnin' (Bobby Lewis cover)
08. Punk you want
09. Sound of music
10. Straight to hell

Released by Haunted town records in 2004.

Old, old, very old men playing punkrock now. One would have thought they would turn to pop on this album to plan for their retirement but its still that same old NJ sounding Headwound here.

I downloaded it way back but to support a band i like i bought it and found out that the one i had downloaded some time ago isnt the same version and it contains an extra song. The song that i thought was on this record because of the downloaded album is a Peter, Paul and Mary cover of the song Leaving on a jetplane. I uploaded the version i downloaded since i contains that extra track other then that song it seems to be the same. (A great song by the way)

For a band that hasnt released any new music in 8 years i had expected something more from thsi "comeback" album. Its far from bad though and it contains some rally good songs like the Sound of music tribute that will get you to singalong after a couple of beers. Other good songs are White knuckle love, Part time resident and my personal favourite Fork lift operator (its about fucking time we got ourselfs an anthem!!).
The band still has those annoying tired songs that makes them hard to like but looking at the current bandphoto i cant do nothing but love these olden goldies that are still sticking to that sound they where a part in creating. And the fact that they are about to release new material in 2010 gives me hope in listening to music like this to the grave.
Do like me and buy the album if you like it after listening it through. It can be bought here:
Dim records
Oi!aintdead (LP sold out though)
Pure impact (only CD left here to)
Haunted town records
KOI records

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