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torsdag 15 juli 2010

The uprise - Unreleased Link LP (1988)

01. Friends, fights and fun
02. Someone said today
03. Around the world
04. Back in the days
05. When i see
06. Media fools
07. Malpractice
08. Carry a flag

This record should have been released on Link Records in 1988 but that never happened.

Got this record sent to me by a Yankee intenetfriend around 5 years ago and even if it never was a 100% release this one should have come out on Link Records in the 80's. All these songs are on their earlier demo's that i uploaded before but these are better quality (that not meaning good quality). Well on these versions you can atleast hear what they are singing and things like the bass that was almost completly grinded out on the earlier versions is now there.
In no way a great set of songs but another little slice of Oi! history.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Word is this is STILL trying to get a release, by a European label, but Rob has to give the ok to do so, which is supposedly did but it's still in limbo. Thanks for putting it up, Uprise was one of my faves back then

  2. I enjoy them to but sadly most of their stuff is so lowon quality that its impossible to like. I can guess they where band that was best live.

  3. Was probably:
    Link LP 83, 112 or 132.

  4. thank for this been looking for years

  5. can you please re-up these unreleased trax? couldn't find them on slsk