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fredag 9 juli 2010

Infiltrators - Dont give me that "old-skool" lip. Just get your metal out of my hardcore!!! CD (1998)

01. Trouble makers
02. Cog in the wheel
03. Boot bullies
04. Probation
05. Paycheck to paycheck
06. Rude boy
07. El grito de lares
08. Conspiracy
09. None would dare
10. Mr. high and mighty
11. You and we play
12. Fight for what we stand for

Released by Oink! records in 1998.

A strange album to say the least. The albumname to start with and its also the first time i have bought a CD without the tracklisting in it (had to look many songtitles up on the internet).
This record is also nothing like their other releases. I think their split with Squiggy is one of the best records in my collection and their other split was almost as good. Basicly this is their Krays split with one good new song and a bunch of oneminute crappsongs.
At the time that this album was released the members was currently active in other projects (Model citizen being one of them) and maybe thats why it turned out this way. If you want some really good Oi! then download their last record that i have already uploaded here.
This CD is still availible to purchase from Runnin' riot Spain.

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