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tisdag 20 juli 2010

Headwound - Selftitled (1994)

01. Crewcuts & leather
02. Leave me alone
03. Judy's song
04. Get off my line
05. Abnormality
06. If you wanna be happy
07. Changing the guard
08. When i go out
09. Meat you at Wa wa's
10. Drinkin'
11. One on one
12. Alright
13. Hey stupid!
14. D.M.V.

Released by Headache records in 1994.

Before this one they released 3 EP's but i will get to them eventually.

Musically this is verry verry simulair to The wretched ones and all other 90's Jersey punk. This is not a bad thing but i never really think Headwound hit as hard as the other bands. Mainly because i sometime get annoyed by the way Choppie's voice remind me off a pre-puberty bullies lalalala voice. Their second EP called Kings of beer is one of my favourite records and this one is quite bland and uninspired in comparison.
As far as happy Oi! songs goes they deliver and adding great drums to that and even this record rise above the majority off other groups releases.
The albums starts off ok but it isnt untill the song If you wanna be happy i really get into it. A bit higher tempo then on their other songs and it made me laugh since Choppie surrely at this point has gotten married and i can just guess how his wife feels about this song. Other good songs are One by one, Judy's song and Get off my line but other then that its a bit to slow an bland for my taste. A soso fulllength surrounded by great EP's.
As far as i know this one has been sold out for some time now. Let me know if you know otherwise.

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  1. Just wondering if you can reup all the Headwound material. Thanks!

    1. SOme of them are up i think but i'll backtrack and add the ones that have defunct links to the list.