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fredag 2 juli 2010

Crim wave - Demo (2010)

01. American hooligan
02. Dead end
03. Everyday
04. Hardstride
05. Stand your ground
06. Taking the streets
07. Tension

Selfreleased by the band in 2010 (its a demo and lets keep it that way)

A band from LA with members from different poppunk bands. In 2008 members from Voodoo glow skulls, Death by stereo, Dr. Know and Los infernos though that they should start some sort of Oi! band (adding a singalong wooow wooow chant in every chorus doesnt make it Oi! though). They knew that to be a true Oi! band you have to implement the American flag in your bandlogo and so they did, but to be really politically correct and not leave any of their "culturally diverce" bandmembers out they ALSO did a logo with the mexican flag, Irish flag etc etc and before knowing it the whole United nations had their flags in their bandlogo. Like theirfriends in Pressure point they also knew it was really important to rebel against something (though never mentioning against what in the songs) so they created a bunch of "unity" songs and here you have the result.

This is the sort of happy bullshit Oi! i piss on. The only song that is good in this demo is the song Tension and thats more of a hardcore song. Fun thing is that song is about the bandmembers beating down people for not being true punks (have Voodoo glow skulls ever watched out on their own audience?) and they use lyrics like "What you rebel against you dont even fucking know". What the fuck are you fuckfaces rebelling against if i might ask? Get the fuck out of MY scene and go back to making "cool miami ink rapska songs" for MTV.

3 kommentarer:

  1. adding a singalong wooow wooow chant in every chorus doesnt make it Oi! though

    hahahaha so true

  2. This band suuuuuuuuuucks. Only a handful of LA bands are real oi, cover some westcoast oi (rac) bands like youngblood!

  3. This band is funny!