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tisdag 16 februari 2010

Various artists - Tomorrows anthems 7'' (2001)

01. Templars - Better times
02. Counterattack - Choose your weapon
03. Siege - Conqueror
04. The bureau - Our America

Came as a free gift with the old American skinzine called Gang Up! in 2001.

Gang up! was a non-political all American skinzine (much like Tri-County, Full deck and No escape) that was selfproduced by a guy named Adam and it was one of the few zines that i actually liked (mostly cause it had more focus on the Oi! music instead of a 6 page diary entrie of some show someone went to and photos of their drunk friends).
This ep came with issue #3 and i dont know how long the zine was around for since i only got Nr 1 & 2 (got this ep without the zine).

Unlike the earlier compilation ep's i have reviewed this one is a real gem. It features 4 awesome tracks with off 2 are still to this day exclusive to this ep.
Templars offers a great track that was released on Oi! its a wonderful world compilation a year before. Siege and The bureau both share exclusive songs and Counterattack contributes with a song they would later release on their first full-lenght.
All tracks are great and believe it or not i actually like Siege's contibution the most (often hate this band).
The Bureau has only released this song but damn its a good one.

4 kommentarer:

  1. "Better Times" släpptes redan 2000 av Bords de Seine på samlingen "Oi! It's a Wonderful World". Den återkom på en cd-samling från samma etikett runt 2008.

  2. Skammen!
    Ska ändra direkt.

  3. Ingen fara :)
    Med tanke på all info du sitter på vore det konstigt om det inte blev något bortfall ibland..

  4. The bureau were supposed to release a full length on Pure Impact. Not sure what happened. The artwork was delayed and then....