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lördag 13 februari 2010

Fighting chance - Sacrifice and struggle (2004)

01. Holyland
02. Nothing to say
03. Keep on fighting
04. Bullets
05. Three strikes
06. Somethin's gotta be
07. Global homocide
08. Terror breeds terror
09. Fairtwether
10. History repeats

Released by Insurgence records in 2004.

Inbetween this album and Thus hope fades they released a 7'' called Party lies though Insurgence records but thanks to my busted recordplayer i will wait with that upload.

A bit of lineup changes on this record. Jimmy replaced Mike on rythm guitar and Tim joined the band after Ben left the bass duties. One could think the band has a new drummer cause thats the biggest difference from their earlier albums. A bit more hardcore feeling on the drums but way tighter on this record.

They have also cooled the political crusade on this record. Dont get me wrong 99% of the lyrics are socialy aware and political in some way but not in the same way as the first record. Still taking a strong anti-racist stand wich is possitive but anoying at the same time. Dont understand why all skinheadbands have to be so outspoken about their anti-racist views? Common man will always see the Oi! movement as a facist movement so why even bother. Though knowing the bands history with local facistgroups the lyrics are understandable.
Great album offcourse and my favourites are Somethings gotta be done and Keep on fighting.

(Oh and no this album does not contain the very annoying track 69 that was hidden)

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