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onsdag 3 februari 2010

Counterattack - The last stand 7'' (2006)

01. One eye open
02. What love is (Dead boys cover)

Released in 500 limited copies by Reality clash in 2006.

Damn this record was hard to get. Seems like only 1 store sold it in the whole world. So i imported it from America, ripped it and now i give it back as a first time exclusive in mp3 format.
This one was a limited release they did for their "good bye show" before they ended the group. Just like on their perfect 2004 release Matt is on vocals and bass, Adam is on drums and John is on guitar/vocals duty.
A bit of a short Ep with only one new track and a Dead boys cover. The new track One eye open aint much to have but the cover song is genious in that grimy/emotional way their older songs where known for. Even if its hard to outshine a band like the Dead boys i think they do it well and Matt's vocals fit the song perfect.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Yeah this is indeed a hard record to get. I did the artwork for this and only just got my hands on a copy about 3 months ago. I stayed up for 2 nights straight trying to get that done in time for there last gig. There was suppose to be 4 songs on the ep. They had recorded a bunker 84 or evilskins cover. I can't remember since it was so long ago when I last talked to Adam. By the way Adam also played in Boot Militia, thats him on vocals in that band. keep up the great work.

  2. OI OI Bernhard! please re-up all the Counterattack. thanks for your dedication we appreciate ya.

    Timmy Jak

    1. No problem. I'll get them up soon.