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måndag 15 februari 2010

Total annihilation - Covers and unreleased

01. Criminal invasion
02. Mile high skinheads
03. Among the thugs (Condemned 84 cover)
04. Runnin riot (Cock sparrer cover)
05. Stalingrad
06. Street fight (Skrewdriver cover)
07. Boots and braces (Skrewdriver cover)

These songs have (to my knowledge) never been released on any official record, split or compilation. They are not all new but all are rare and exclusive to the internet.

Criminal invasion is a great track about a not so funny problem that we here in Sweden havent felt in the same way as in the US. Its about the illegal immigrants and the way the government turns a blindeye to the problem. One of the biggest problems for workingclass families in US today (how can you compete with someone that works for 1/3 of your pay and dont pay taxes).
Mile high skinheads is a anthem song for their hometown crew and also its the worst track they ever released.
Amongst the thugs and Runnin' riot are great covers of some classic British Oi!.
Stalingrad continues on their WWII theme and tells the story of some Soviet soldiers who fought against the nazis and is almoust a celebration song to the red army (not often you hear that by an American band). Great track by the way and its a bit slower and darker then most other tracks by the band.
I finish of with two of their better Skrewdriver covers (its just music so dont be mad).

5 kommentarer:

  1. Very cool. Thanks for these extras, Bernando.

  2. Hey Bernando, can you put this one please up again?!? Would be great of you!!! And, btw, do you know anything about if this band is still around these days? Never heard anything of them for years... And it still sucks that the planned interview back then in 2010 never came to happen...

    1. Cant say nothing for sure but as far as i know the band is no more. I'll add it to the list and see if i can re-up it later this week

    2. Thanks man!!! Okay, like I thought... bad news for Oi! music, but okay, maybe a we will see a ''relaunch'' some day...

    3. My apologies, i was in the process of doing that interview on my old laptop when it was lost or most likely stolen so i lost all the questions. If anyone has the original questions or anything i'd gladly fill out the responses.
      Great site, by the way. Probably the most complete site dedicated to US Oi!
      Jimi (vocalist TA)