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lördag 27 februari 2010

The beltones - Cheap trinklets (2001)

01. Aint no life
02. Set them up, Stevie
03. Weak
04. Cheap trinklets
05. Concrete jungle (Bob marley cover)
06. Hellfire
07. Shitty in pink
08. Better than a kick in the head
09. Lullabye
10. Mix it up
11. Mr wrecking ball
12. Thief
13. Garbage picker

Released by TKO records in 2001.

Their last and most commercial release. Lots of radiofriendly punk (in a good way) and really good production value the whole LP through.
As always its their bitter and emotional songs that are the best. Weak, Garbage picker and Lullabye are all dark but always makes me happy when listening to them.
A great cover of Concrete jungle and i think this is the way to make covers. Dont make it sound like the original and dont even make it if its not anyway near as good as the original.
Hellfire delivers a short but sweet r'n'r track where you can hear the clear simularitys between Bill's and Ian Stuart's voices (would become even clearer in Bill's next group Pink Panzer).
Dont want to sound like some missunderstood emokid but this is one of those bands that really "understood me" and i guess thats why they will always be one of my top 10 bands ever.

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  1. Just found out about this great band through Your blog ! Thank You !

    Do You know European distros that carry their records ?