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lördag 27 februari 2010

Pink panzer - Hebrewphobia Demo (2004)

01. Gay & white
02. White mans land
03. Pink flags flying
04. Man thunder
05. Pink panzer
06. Stick in the mud
07. Cruisin'
08. Dick in dixie

In no way released by any recordlabel haha.

So after The beltones broke up and Bill moved down to Texas something really wierd happened. US got their first white/gay pride bands and a whole new genre of skinheads calling themselfs G.A.S.H. (Gay Aryan SkinHeads) arrived. One of the funniest and best performed spoofs ever pulled of and my guess is that some people actually took this shit serious. No the band is not gay and they are in no way anti-jew or white power. They basicly took the post-77punk songs by Skrewdriver and added some male love into the songs.
If you are one of those that say you dont agree with Skrewdrivers politics you just like the music you gotta love this (otherwise sorry to say this but your a homophobic shittalker).
Bill has spooky recemblanse with Ian on the vocals and the band really captures the r'n'r feeling that Skrewdriver had in their whitepower days. Some songs like Pink Panzer are almost straight covers of some songs by the band but with some lyrical changes offcourse.
The best tracks are (yes i am serious) Pink panzer, Man thunder and the gay-anthem Pink flags are flying (haha).
If you can take this kind of things without going all PC about it (oh no they are mocking gay men and singing about not fucking black men in the ass) you will find some actually great songs musically. Just watch out some tracks are so catchy that you might find yourself singing along on the buss (Pink flags are flying for a land so gay and free).

15 kommentarer:

  1. Ha! This is some funny shit...thanks for this Bernando. There's a few people down here in Florida I need to play that last song for. "I put the dick in dixie..." lol.

  2. And you're right, those vocals are pretty damn close.

  3. This album is hilarious. This is one quality parody of Skrewdriver.Thank you.

  4. This was pretty awesome thanks.

  5. WOW! LOL! Excellent on multiple levels

  6. YES, thank you so much, great stuff, Bill is just great, could listen to all of his stuff I know over and over again, non-stop, it never gets boring. The Beltones are my favorites for about 7 years now, right from the point when I got the album...you should also check out Everybody Poops - just google "everybody poops myspace" - just three songs by Bill, but three damn great ones. Anyone knowing more stuff from Bill? Can´t find anymore, please if you know something, write it down. This guy is a genius, absolutely best artist I know - for my taste. He should record again and bring out a new record or just do a homepage and upload stuff - man, I would listen to this guy if he´d do jazz ;-)

    There was a The Beltones Reunion in 2010 "Awesome Fest" or something like that - does anyone know if these guys are planning to do some new stuff together?

  7. Hahaha it's great but I can't do it, Omg!!! Thats it can't do it no more hahaha. O' fuck did this just ruin warlord for me? Alright I'm blasting the 'warlord' album right now. Alright I'm singing along.....haha let me restart my Skrewdriver cycle here. I'll get back to them after some sleep hahaha. Love the Belltones but I didn't know they ever did this. It's good!!! It's funny cause way back in the day i saw them live with Oxymoron but just like the other 300 people that showed up that I talk too, to this day, we have no clue that we ever seen them along with Oxymoron. I remember being there but it was something to do, meet chicks, and drink and not so much about the bands. wish I could of appreciated it cause they are one of the best and totally underrated. ~Eric Scott

  8. Manthunder!!! hahaha Mega awesome yo.

  9. can someone tell me what songs are covered from skrewdriver? going nuts trying to find em...

  10. Ain't gonna put my stick in the mud!

    G.A.S.H. 4-EVER!

  11. Could you post the lyrics of that album, please?

  12. Its a demo and not an album. No lyrics where not included in the demo.

  13. The Beltones just played in Miami on Dec. 3, 2011. The encore song... Gay & White!!!
    Many people got videos of this. One or more may surface on Youtube.com sooner or later.
    Eric Antell- Antagonizers ATL.

  14. I got half a video of them playing Gay and White, but I think I bumped the off button when the dude from the Templars went stage diving. It missed Bill yelling Europe Awake...er... Gay and White.

  15. http://www.shopshogun.com/shop-by-band/pink-panzer/pink-panzer-pink-panzer-security-black.html