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söndag 7 februari 2010

The suspects - Voice of America (1994) + S/T 7'' (1993)

01. Exit
02. Mind control
03. Swords of the fallen
04. My lie
05. Land of fortune
06. Graveyard
07. Riot
08. Body parts
09. Blitz
10. Uncle sam
11. Catfish
12. Bondage
13. Mommy

Released on CD by Torque records in 1997.

A rerelease of their first EP and LP on one solid release. Tracks 1-9 was their 1994 release Voice of America and the 4 last tracks was their selftitled debut EP from 1993. A good initiative by Torque records and even if i dont like most of their earlier songs its packed with many good tracks. This release misses the hidden track called 99 Degrees that was on their original Voice of America release but that one was in no way good so your not missing anything.
Best tracks on the release is Swords of the fallen, Graveyard and My lie.
Even if their next album is what made me like them ithis is an ok album with a lot of historical value.

1 kommentar:

  1. I used to like the other record a lot more, but this one has grown on me over time. Well, some of it has.

    99 Degrees isn't that bad...all 40 seconds of it. ;)