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fredag 19 februari 2010

Terminus city - Justice isn't always fair CD (2000)

01. Terminus city
02. My castle
03. Punks not debt
04. Im running
05. Coward
06. Back seat
07. Kellner's song
08. Music for the kids
09. Rumor mill
10. Fight tonight
11. Work for a living
12. Time was right
13. Thank you
14. Harold was a hooligan

Released by TKO records in 2000.

Their only full-length that wasnt a split should have been better then this. Its not bad but at the same time it lacks all the gems that made them notorious. Seems like the best songs are all old songs (My castle and Work for a living) and even if they experimented with different styles like the greaser rock'n'roll on Back seat very few of the tracks included stand out and the album just lacks in quality. This said cause i know how great this band can be otherwise.
One new track that stands tall is Kellner's song and i wish i knew more of the background story for that song, and there must be one since Frank sings his heart out and it feels really personal.
After this release Chris left the band and the "No holds barred+Terminus city mold" would be set in motion.

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