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måndag 8 februari 2010

The suspects - New dawn in the 21st century (1996)

01. Suspected
02. Eads street punks
03. Doctor
04. Pistol whipped
05. Suffer the pain
06. From the heart
07. No escape
08. One man army
09. Self-serving assassination
10. Face your fear
11. Try or fail
12. New dawn in the 21st century
13. Hidden track

Released by Torque records in 1996.

The album that made the band legendary in my eyes. Never liked the first records but this one is like a mash of all that was great in the American punkrock. A bit of Oi!, a bit of grunge, a bit of streetpunk and damn skilled musicians to melt it all together on this CD.
All tracks are produced by the drummer Kent Stax and legendary Marty Munch (produced records for groups like U.S. Chaos and Less than Jake) and my guess is that recordlabel gave them free hands to experiment with the sound they brought from their earlier releases. Also adding to the great sound is the new additional guitarist Scott Hutchins.
Hard to pick out favourite tracks but to seperate the great from the good i pick Self-serving assassination, One man riot, New dawn in the 21st century and the track Doctor that reminds me of early alternative poprock like Nirvana (even if producer Marty Munch did all he could to stop influences like that) .
After this release the band went separate ways and it wasnt untill 2003 when Brian Gayton ressurected the band with an all new lineup that we would get another release.
Even if violent skinheadmusic is what your into dont miss out on this album.

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