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tisdag 23 februari 2010

Pressure point - Resist and riot (2007)

01. In their eyes
02. From hell to eternity
03. Rise up
04. Murder on my mind
05. Relentless
06. Never submit
07. Closer
08. Give me liberty
09. Here to stay
10. Get out
11. Generation apathy
12. The morning after
13. Destination desolation
14. Horatio alger

Released by GMM records in 2007.

Fucking Lars Frederiksen!
This is not even Oi! anymore its rootspunk alá Rancid and the likes. This is probably their most advanced album musically and all musicians involved are skilled at what they are doing but its also the album that made me loose respect for PP once and for all.
That fucker Lars has gone wild on this album and probably told Mike and the rest of the band what the cool kids of today wants in an album (or maybe im just getting old). Every song is about fighting against the government and raising your fist in disobedience but they never really seem to give an alternative to the society that we have. I dont have much faith in politicians but if i was an American i would rather have Obama running my life then Lars Frederiksen (dont believe the hype kids).
Its not all bad, the album starts of strong with a good old punk track about revolting against the corrupt society and continues with another good track (even if its rootspunk) called Rise up that deals with the subject rising up and revolting against society (no shit).
Give me liberty stands out like a gas station on a otherwise lyrically dried up album but otherwise from that its what you could expect from an album like this.

Lars even takes over the vocaldutie on track 9 as if he didnt destroy the album enough with his wellknown "radiotalk alá Hellcat" (track 4).

7 kommentarer:

  1. "give an alternative to the society that we have"? I must've missed those great punk classics promoting Objectivism.

  2. listen to the album and you will see what he means

  3. Majority of the punkbands i listen to makes a few tracks about social injustice and some involve some sort of revolt against the establishment. That aside PP is a PC band that focus ONLY on that topic and that leads me to the question "Well how should it be run"?
    Love the fact that many people like you only comment when they are complaining. I guess thats the charm with internet.

  4. No harm to ya mate BUT it's a typical scene/ario between ENTERTAINMENT and/OR ACTIVISM...yeah i know...If I can't dance etc.(it ain't.... blah)If there were a LOT MORE individuals,within (THE MUSICAL FORUM)speaking (without words.....)then maybe,juuuuussst maybe we can tear their heartless souls "APART !!!!" WE ARE ONE....& if it's some musical "token choice" RIP'EM (as ya do).....Turn rebellion into money ? Turn REBBELLION into REBELLION.....you can SHOVE your sta-prest bullshit where it belongs (somewhere between yer ears & just below your LABELLED baseball (bag) caps.....D.I.Y (live & learn)....They NEED us,WE don't need THEM....PUNK...WILL "NEVER" BE DEAD.....as long as WE....REFUSE TO BE BOUGHT......SOLD!!!

  5. Inspiration begins WITHIN....their saccarine sweeeet revolutionary tales,came from their musical managers,stubborn candy wrappers stuck in their DEEP DEEP pockets,laced in the candy coloured clowns (WELL EARNED.... WAGES)...DON'T BUY IT....LET'S TRY IT ! Oi!

  6. http://www.meganslaw.ca.gov/cgi/prosoma.dll?searchby=offender&id=43004279J1547

  7. How much crack did you eat for breakfast haha. Is that the lyrics for a song or just a capslock crackfest gone bad?