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tisdag 2 februari 2010

Poverty bay saints - Poverty bay saints 7'' (2008)

01. Bent prop
02. Tremors
03. The plutonian fire
04. Pendulum

Released by Organized crime records in 2008.

Produced by no other then the frontman from Pressure point and featuring groupmembers from many big bands they still fail to deliver. Well maybe since my blogg is mainly about Oi! and not crossover punkrock i might not be the man to say this but why release this shit when we have so many old legendary punkbands looking for new deals. Why keep giving the new bands a shot and bringing new blood into the scene when the old bands still deliver?
This is some new blood that we dont need and the only reason that i am reviewing the album is because they are portraying themselfs/being portrayed as a band someone "like me" should like. Well i dont and i dont think the majority of my readers like it either.
The first track is ok as far as streetpunk goes but not worth buying the record for.
These guys should just stick to playing oldschool 80's hardcore (which they do excellent by the way).

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