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torsdag 18 februari 2010

Terminus city & Main street saints - Split 7'' (1999)

01. Main street saints - Clockwork Tim
02. Main street saints - The price
03. Terminus city - Work for a living
04. Terminus city - Kids in America (Kim Wilde cover)

Released by Flat records in 1999.

Flat records was created and run by Ken Casey from Dropkick Murphys that mostly released Dropkicks split EP's but also some Pressure point and Hudson falcons.
Terminus city's third split and yet again they are sharing space with a band from Kasas city but this time a good one, namely Main street saints.
Main street saints will be added to my site later on but this is not a bad first upload since it features one of my favourite tracks by the band called Clockwork Tim.
Terminus city's side is even better since it features TWO of my favourite tracks by the band. First one is an anthem to the everyday workingman that choose factory/warehouse life over welfare and studentloans. In todays economy and unemployment rate the fingerpointing might not be justified but next time you get together with one of you slacker friends (cause we all have one) play him Work for a living.
Kids in America is a cover of Kim Wilde's old (and actually good) 80's pop-anthem with some lyrical adjustments to fit an Oi! song.
One of the best splits i own.

3 kommentarer:

  1. FYI, Flat Records was never associated TKO except (possibly) through a distribution deal later on. It was a legit DIY label used mainly to release DKM stuff as well as other Boston-area bands or bands the guys were good friends with.

  2. hey
    maybe u have split The Antagonizers/Mais street Saints?