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måndag 22 februari 2010

Pressure point - Life's blood (1999)

01. Claim the night
02. Retribution
03. Life's blood
04. New age (Blitz cover)
05. Friend of mine
06. Fuerza por oi!

Released by TKO records in 1999.

To my knowledge first released as a 10'' vinyl EP and then later released as a Mini-CD.
2 good tracks on this release. One being the title track Life's blood that is some of a dedication song for the union and what they have done for the workers in the past. The second one is a cover of the fantastic New age originally done by British Blitz.
The last track is my least favourite one. Its a spanish version of their song Strength throu Oi! that they released a couple of months earlier on their second full-length. Mike has this time given the microphone to Cesar, Oscar and Mario from Suburban threat and the end result is far from good but then i never really liked the original version.

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