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söndag 14 februari 2010

Fighting chance - Terror hate fear (2005)

01. Intro
02. So long, fuck you
03. The fallen
04. Who are you
05. City of the dead
06. The taking of an innocent life
07. Enemy within
08. Punks dead, your next (Slapshot cover)

Released by Workers united records in 2005 (not 2004 as the backcover says).

Their last, most unknown and best album released.
Brian chance one of the originators of the band left before this album was recorded but in stepped Brian 2.0 to pick it up where he left off and to be honest i cant tell the difference.

This is another album titled after Bullseyes hometown crew called T.H.F. (Terror hate fear and Thus hope fades) and Bullseye is the main reason why this is my favourite album. He sounds more experienced and the few part where he annoyed the hell out of me on the other records are now all gone.
Even if i never like coversongs one of the best tracks are their cover of the old HC anthem Punks dead, your next by Slapshot. Other good tracks are Enemy within and The taking of an innocent life.

To bad all good things comes to an end but dont sweat it the last year Bullseye and some old members have started doing shows again (last friday they played for example) so maybe we can see some more material in a near future.

(Oh just for note this is another first-time in ripped format uploaded by USOFOIOFSWEDEN so be gentle when you download it.)
Record is still available through Dim records and Interpunk last time i checked so buy it if you like it.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks Bernando...another one I've not heard yet. I'm only 3 tracks in and I already like the sound of this one better than the first 2.

    Be gentle...lol. You know if one Oi! blog puts it up, the copycat recycle machine will go to work... ;)

  2. Thats only good. If i have a record that someone else already put up i dont ripp it i just download there and upload it here.
    Saves a lot of time for everybody.