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lördag 27 februari 2010

Too north records

Just found this wierd little site run by some recordcollecting nerds for recordcollecting nerds.
They travel around and find rare vinyl that they later sell (not always so cheap) on their site. The site has no webbshop and might not look like much to the world but you can find some real gems on there that has been sold out by the labels for ages. You just simply find the ones you like and send a message to the owner and he evaluates the cost for you.
I found a few from my wishlist there that i have sent after (though with EU customfees and deliverance these little records will cost me about 100$ and i dont even have a working vinylplayer at the moment haha)

I found
¤90 proof - No respect 7''
¤Broken heroes - Media blowout 7''
¤Degeneration - Oi! for the kids 7''
¤Limecell - Just plain pissed 7''
¤Limecell - Lager leeches 7''
¤Limecell/Savage 3-D - Gingerbread man Split EP
¤The system - Last stand 7''
¤US bombs - Hobroken EP

Go there and have a peek you might actually find something intresting among all the grunge and other wierd stuff they have.
Go to Too north records (i also added them to my "Recordshops" section)

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