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lördag 20 februari 2010

Terminus city & No holds barred - Stand as one Split (2003)

01. NHB - Stand as one
02. NHB - The price
03. NHB - Just a kid
04. NHB - American rights
05. NHB - Blaze of glory
06. NHB - Vultures
07. TC - Just the facts
08. TC - Set me free
09. TC - Kids in America (Kim Wilde cover)
10. TC - The blame
11. TC - Too stupid
12. TC - Stinking world
13. TC - Glass tower

Released by Reality clash records in 2003.

No holds barred also comes from Atlanta and featured the wellknown "Dic the mic" that also played in Adolf and the piss artists and started up one of my favourite bands The vaticans. They only had this release and a demo that i will upload later. Not that i can understand why they never got a proper release since they kick the shit out of most things in todays scene with just these 6 songs on the split. Eddie bastard the vocalist from infamous Patriot was an official member of the band in the last days of the group (not on this album though).

A damn good release featuring 2 great bands that at this time almoust had melted into one group. When Chris left the group Freddie from NHB joined the group and after this release when Wes left TC, Nate from NHB would fill out the ranks. One big happy family basicly.

Best tracks are here delivered by No holds barred and my absolute favourites are American rights and Blaze of glory both are no holds barred Oi! from No holds barred (hehe).
Terminus also delivers some top songs like The blame and Glass tower (with some of the best lyrics ever).

In 2004 Terminus city played a last show with Mad sin and then went their seperate ways. Some time after that so did No holds barred (without the doing shows with Mad sin bit, to my great relief).

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