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tisdag 9 februari 2010

Various artists - Oi! its party time.... volume three 7'' (1997)

01. Bovver 96 - Clockwork Chamelion
02. AOC - Lapero (France)
03. The suspects - Eads street punks
04. Riot squad - Stand up and be proud (UK)

Released by One by one records in 1997.

The last release in this serie (i skipped Vol.2 since it was released without any American bands).
Two good US bands, AOC from France and Riot squad from Britain. No track on this release is exclusive and thats just the problem i had with these releases. Why release a record with tracks that has allready been released by the bands on their releases? And why call it Party time for workingclass kids if there isnt any "partytracks" on the record?
Both of the US tracks are good ones but the best one is the track by AOC. I dont have a clue what its about but its the only one with any partyfeeling to it.
For recordnerds only.

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