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söndag 14 februari 2010

Total annihilation (Introduction)

(Update March 2010. Appearently their so called redskin affiliation was not just a rumour they where actually outspoken redskins. Later turning into right-winged nationalists is a hell of a turn but whatever makes them sleep at night i guess.)

Band formed in Denver, Colorado back in 2000 and also a part of the M.H.C.S. crew (Mile High Colorado Skins) that also is home for the infamous but now defunct Denver band Hardsole. To be honest i have no idea about their original lineup and they never released any record until 2005 so who cares?
This is a band that has taken a lot of bullshit from all political sides and also have they been misinterpreted by most people. There first album they released had a photo of Berlin '45 where a soviet soldier puts the red flag at the reichstag and mixed with there very pro-workingclass and anti-corporate lyrics many people thought they where commies and actually branded them a redskin band. 3 years past and they released there second album with very pro-nationalistic and anti-pc lyrics and a lot of people got the whole wrong idea ones more.
This band is very political but dont belong to nobody. I look at them like a hard kick in the balls for people who dont know any better. Imagine the redskin walking in to one of their shows and hearing them perform one of their many Skrewdriver covers or the bonehead walking in to one of their shows and realising that the singer is actually of Japanese decent haha priceless.

I dont know the connection to Hardsole other then that they are very close friends and belong to the same "crew" but before i bought my first record with TA i always thought they had the same singer. Jimi the singer of TA (used to play drums for Working class heroes) sounds almost identical to Mike from Hardsole (well the whole sound is very simulair actually).

One of my favourite "new" Oi! bands that are still active. Jimi is currently out of state studying but now and then the band records some good songs (will upload many of the new unreleased later) but lets hope for a new release.

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