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söndag 21 februari 2010

Pressure point (introduction)

One of the most well known and succesfull Oi! bands from America.
Originating from Sacramento, California back in 1994 when the vocalist Mike Erickson and former Deep six guitarist Kenny Beasley decided to start up a band rid of politics and bullshit.
They released their first album through TKO sidelabel Flat records but after an incident in Sacremento when Mike broke up a dispute between some local kids and some friends of Lars Frederiksen (of Rancid) they became the new GMM posterboys (Lars was one of the driving forces behind this label). Lars and Mike became close friends and he would end up producing most of their albums and EP's released through GMM records.
The band has taken some heat and have been called commies mostly for a show they opened for Angelic Upstart and the fact that Mike is an outspoken socialist and active in the union. Mike himself says that they are not left or right but on some occasions its better to pick a side then being apathetic.
Greatest influences on the band is the music Mike and Kenny grew up with namely, Agnostic front, Bad brains, Combat 84, The bruisers, GBH and many other.
Band is still around today and released a "Greatest hits" album 2 years ago. Check out their homepage for info about shows etc.

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