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tisdag 16 februari 2010

Oozzies - Nation out of hand (2000)

01. Stuck At Midnight
02. Red, White & You
03. Last South Train
04. Forget About It
05. Never enough
06. Unamerican
07. J-word
08. Tired
09. Still strong
10. Swingin' at the fences
11. Bleed green
12. Cherry bomb
13. Geneva

Released by Industrial strength records in 2000.

A punkband originating from Oakland that was active around 1996-2001 with many lineup changes along the way.
Original line-up consisted of old members from Samian and Fang. Only releases i know of are their selfreleased 7'' from 1997 called All grown up (impossible to find for sale anywhere) and this full-length.
Line-up for this release was Chris McComb on vocals, Dave Holmes and Bryan Cable on guitar, Casey Cook on drums and Sammy Diosdado on bass.
Most members would later go on to form halfass punk/pop rock groups such as Shooting Lucy and Infected (not worth checking out).

This album is produced by Dead Kennedy's guitarist East Bay Ray and is in no way an Oi! album just damn good punk.
I really like Chris's vocals and the way that it's highs and lows are melted into the guitars and drums with the rest of the band on backup shouting really gets me.
Yet another one of those albums that makes me feel all hippie, happy and warm after listening to it. Partysongs plain and simple.
Best tracks are Red, white and you, Tired, Unamerican and Still strong.

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