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söndag 7 februari 2010

The suspects (introduction)

Classic American punkband from Washington that was "big" in the 90's.
It was created by the vocalist and frontman Bryan Grayton in 1993 and the original lineup was.
Bryan G on vocals, Chris Condayan on bass, Bryan Harbing on guitar and Kent Stax on drums. They released their first 7'' in 1993 and it was closely followed by their debut LP in 1994 called Voice of America. This line-up would stay untill 1996 when they added a second guitarist for their last album before their breakup in 1998. After a while Bryan tried to ressurect the band but they ended up spliting again in 2001. Yet another atempt was made in 2003 with an all new lineup and Bryan on vocals. This ressurection was a bit more succesfull and a split 7'' with Violent society was made.
Today the band has gone on to other projects (not as succesfull as this band though) but knowing Bryan's history a reunion is never far away.

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