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söndag 21 februari 2010

Pressure point & The randumbs - Cow town boot boys split 7'' (1997)

01. Pressure point - Chaos (4 skin cover)
02. Pressure point - Bitter end
03. The randumbs - Issues
04. The randumbs - Ike wit

Released by Flat records in 1997.

A split with another California band, namely The randumbs. This is a band that i would normaly hate but even if it is somewhat screamopunk with somewhat mainstream tendensies i like them and have done so since the first day i heard them.
PP sings an ok cover of the old Oi! classic Chaos and finishes their side of with one of their more wellknown tracks (not one of my favourites).
Randumbs are not only ok on this album they actually deliver the best track on the split. Ike wit a song about slitting the wrist and quiting life (I quit - Ike wit).
I will upload more of this group later.

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