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onsdag 5 maj 2010

The service - American graffiti 7'' (1994)

01. American graffiti
02. Dead end/Someday

Released by Iron block records in 1994.

First of all thanks to Luke B for helping me find this record. Had been looking for it for some time now.

This is the first record ever that The service released and yet again i get reminded of the great vocals that Spanky blessed the scene with.

The first track ws later re-released and its one of my favourite but on the B-side its 2 exclusive tracks (though they are played as one five minute long song). Both are rough tracks with Oi!Oi! choruses and i cant really see how the band could stay away from re-releasing these tracks on their later albums.
A top album up ther with the rest of The service stuff.

2 kommentarer:

  1. could all the service records be re-uploaded please? thanks

    1. Yes to all those you wanted