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söndag 2 maj 2010

Alleged bricks - Place your blame (2006)

01. The pain
02. No more
03. Dig your grave
04. Virtue
05. Defence
06. Back pack
07. Locked up
08. Obscene
09. Blank stares
10. Dead man's grave
11. Necessary evil
12. Dont bother me (Bad brains cover)
13. Flesh & bone
14. Hard way

Released by Street anthem records in 2006.

A Oi!-core band formed in Washington around 2000 by TJ Mahoney (used to play in Spitfires United) on lead vocals and guitar, Jim Vengeance on lead-guitar and vocals and Dan Brick on bass. The first drummer they had was Kent Stax (one of the founders of DC's Scream and The suspects) but since he was busy playing drums in Spitfires united and Iron cross at the time he wasnt an official member until 2002. This lineup has lasted all the way and even if they are not longer active we all know that this isnt the last we have heard of Kent Stax.

This band is one of those that grows on you. First time i heard them on their split with The barons i was annoyed by TJ's vocals ut when you learn to like it and get the image of the cockie monster out of your head you realise how versatile and unique the band is. Not only versatile cause they have two singers but the fact that even if all their songs are Oi!-core or hardcore they add something speciall to most songs (take the chorus for Defence as example).
Its easy to hear the influences of early eastcoast hardcore especially on the Bad Brains cover (where Jim Vengeance takes the vocals) but even if you dont like American hardcore you should give it a chance (you will like this record the more you hear it).

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