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onsdag 20 april 2011

Fatskins - Thinkin' like a fatskin CD (1999)

01. Fatskin hooligan
02. Thats my life
03. 3 years on
04. Good to go
05. Smash 'em
06. Old glory
07. American skins
08. Trust
09. Skinheads and punks
10. Never look back
11. Up with the cock (Judge Dread cover)
12. Thinkin' like a fatskin

Released by Step-1 Music in 1999.

Great album cover and all but still i can't see whats so fantastic about this band. Their lyrics are still childish at most (with some exeptions like the song Trust), and Mike still sings the songs adding that "extra thing" in the end of every verse. I dont know who told him this was a great idea and why he does it. Is it to put a personal touch on their sound or an attempt to sound more melodic? To me it just sounds stupid and annoying.

Enough trashtalking about the band (i dont mean no harm just being honest) since i actually enjoy a couple of the songs on the cd.
Smash 'em is a good antifacist song with a great chorus sadly falls short thanks to stupid lyrics like "sex and booze thats what we live for/you talked some shit so we kicked down the door". Lyrics dont have to rhyme to be good and nursery rhymes can NEVER be good.
Both American skins and Old glory are two good patriotic songs but best of all songs is is Trust. A truly great song that raises the all over grade by one point.

5 kommentarer:

  1. I'm listening to this now, as it happens. I'm not really sure how to describe the singer's 'voice thing' - it's like it goes high-pitched at the end, then drops again. Yeah, it does distract from the words/message of the song.

    I'll tell you who does have a funny and unmistakable voice, if you've ever heard him - the singer from Lion's Pride (are they really an oi band? - not really sure, but whatever). He sounds like Peter Lorre when trying to do 'melodic' bits.


    1. By Lions pride i guess you mean the RAcish one? I am quite fond of their "Europe united through diversity" song but the rest is garbaga. To much metal for my taste.

    2. They're basically heavy metal guys playing oi, I think. I'm not really sure where they stand politically - I know that they say that they're Flemish separatists who sing songs about pride, history and celebrating Flemish culture, not hatred of anyone else's culture. And nothing else.

      But I'd imagine that people from Belgium still like to argue a lot on Belgian message boards about whether they're Nazis or not. When I looked a few years back, people were saying different things for and against.

      Anyhow, if you listen again, you'll hear that the singer sounds like Peter Lorre - and once that association is formed, it will be hard not to laugh whenever you hear them.


    3. People throw around the nazi name to sloppy these days. From what i hear in their lyrics and from what i know about the members they are nothing more than a bit xenophobic in their approach to foregners etc. Just because someone wants to keep national traditions doesnt mean they want to gas jews. Its like saying someone is a commie because they want free healthcare.
      Guess people need to find the grey areas inbetween black and white.

    4. I couldn't agree with you more. It's not just a choice between 'red' or 'nazi'.

      Some of the 'with us or against us' style thinking and 'three degrees of separation to a Nazi' stuff goes way OTT, particularly on the internet - though I'm sure that people argue about it in real life too. It all gets rather silly when people are being judged on the band t-shirts they wear (i.e. 'we think this band is Nazi - and so are you for wearing their shirt'), or who's friended them on MySpace, or because a random guy who stood next to someone for a photo at a gig who turned out to be accused of being a Nazi or whatever. Unfortunately, this sort of thing then gets taken way more seriously than it should be... :(

      On the other hand (speaking in general, not about Lion's Pride or anyone in particular), if bands *do* play on the same bills as openly, no-question-about-it neo-Nazi and WP bands, give shout-outs to the same in their album notes, or even get pictured standing in front of a swastika flag, or another flag featuring Nazi iconography or other ancient symbols that the neo-Nazis have co-opted because they know that they'll get in trouble if they fly the swastika - then it's unsurprising that people are going to voice their concerns. Guilt by association is often a logical fallacy, but they also say that if one lies down with dogs, one should not be surprised when one gets fleas.

      As for Lion's Pride, I don't have the CD booklet in front of me at the moment, but as far as I know, the only thing that they've ever explicitly stood against in their songs is Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. Meaning exactly that, per my interpretation of it - not as a sneaky way of/excuse for targeting brown people either.

      Anyway, just my thoughts...