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fredag 1 april 2011

Brickwall united (Introduction and 94 demo)

01. Handfull of molotovs
02. We're coming back
03. Prisoner
04. Friend or foe

A legendary American Oi! band from Atlanta and like most other legendary US Oi! bands they never really got a chance to release anything proper.
The most solid lineup of the band consisted of Phil Hayes on vocals and lead guitar (used to play in Jack the lad), Verlyntae on guitar (used to play in Barking spiders), Tim on drums and Adryel on bass (used to play with Verlyntae in Barking spiders).
Verlyntae and Adryel are known as the founders of the band after quiting Barking spiders and the two also worked together as pizza cooks.

Their only release they had was a split EP with the HC punkband Mission to murder on Reactionary Records in 1995 but they appeared on numerous compilations like US of Oi! Vol. 2 and Backstreets of American Oi! and also had some songs that was never released that i put together here.

These songs where recorded around 1994 (except the song Friend or foe that i took from the Backstreets of American Oi! Vol.1) and they are all of high quality. It is most oftenly known as 1994 demo but i have no idea if it ever was a true demo or if it's something made up by the internet (we all know him) after the band broke up.
Download and enjoy.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Verlyntae was also in Urban Riot for a while. Adryel now has a sleazy rock and roll band called Dirty Spiders in NYC.

  2. This Band hit Atlanta (early 90's) like a Street Punk Assault-
    Their Live Performance was ALWAYS Memorable!
    Each, and All of the, members of Brickwall went on to different bands, after the break up.
    Adryel & I played together in Black Daniels (along with Stuart SOB- of Adolf & the Piss Artists- on Bass).
    Adryel (AKA A.D.) has a band called The Mids, now.