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söndag 1 maj 2011

Almighty lumberjacks of death (bandintroduction)

A classic Detroit punkband that shared members with the extremly underrated rightwinged punkband Rogues. Even if the band didnt have a really long carrer they made an impact on the Detroit underground scene that few other bands have done before.

The band had various line-ups through the years have been plenty but the first proper lineup was Danny Mason on vocals, Big Dog on guitar, Scruff on bass and Jeff Gordon on drums. Danny and Big Dog shared appartment at the time and formed the monster that would be ALD. Their sound originated from their belief to go in another direction as the other bands did during this time, namely fast skate punk like Black Flag etc. This is the official reason but the truth told by Big Dog himself is that they wanted to play fast and be big and famous like all the other bands but their drummer Jeff was unable to keep up with the tempo and the band landed in some mid-tempo Oi! and just went with it (right deciscion if you ask me).
After a while Danny was replaced by Jimmy Doom on vocals and the band also started their own clubhouse called The West Side Boot Boys. This was a perfect place to "force" drunk people stumbling out from the pub at 3am to listen to them live and continue their fightin and boozin. Without knowing it they now had their own following in the Detroit scene and with that came the honour of playing bigger shows like they did with The Exploited and Social Distortion.
In the middle of this newfound fame Operation desert storm started and most bands in the scene started protesting the war without having a clue what they actually protested FOR. Many of the kids joined different communist groups just to give a middlefinger to the establishment so ALD did the opposite and pointed one hell of a finger back at those kids with songs like Sould of the storm. At a time when many kids burned flags ALD's crew with views from left to right waved the flags back in their faces as an attempt to defend their nations honor.
Around this time Jiney Jim (also played in Rogues) joined the band on drums and with that their sound shaped into more Oi! than before. He didnt stay for long though and was replaced by Cliff "born to kill" Hill. Also Scruff left the band and was replaced by Jimmy's younger brother Robby on bass (he didnt join directly though since he was only 14 when Scruff left, instead they let Pistol Pete from Scraps fill in until Robby had enough stars on his sleeves). This is probably the more known lineup of ALD.

In 1989 their first cassette called Always out of control but never out of beer was released and was a direct underground hit. This release show is one of the most notorious in Detroit punkhistory with fights everywhere and kids all over the stage after the bouncers had fleed the scene (true story). The same night Social Distortion was shouted of the scene since the kid's wanted the Almighty Lumberjacks of Death to get up on the stage again. In 1991 they released their second and last cassette called Soul of the storm that was as huge of a succes as their first tape but the band slowly died out and resulted in many new bands with Big Dog's later projects Cold as life and Sworn Enemy probably being the most succesfull.

It wasnt until 2005 that they really got the memorium they deserved when Disconnected Records (damn i love that label, they dont release much but when they do it is always releases of the highest quality) released a tribute album with both their cassettes and a couple of comptracks all escorted with a fullcolor bandhistory insert.
About fucking time if you ask me.

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  1. Great post to honour an awesome band!!! Wanted to do also one as a part of the 'American Oi! History Series' up on my blog... but I think I'll wait with that until it won't be compared too much and too often with this one here, haha;-), damn good work!!! Ah, I've never knew that SWORN ENEMY (also a great band) is someting like a ALD follow up band... oh, oh, oh, if this all the HC and Metal and Metalcore PC jackasses out there would know;-)...