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söndag 15 maj 2011

Rogues - Lost generation CD (1994)

01. Crazy
02. Don't turn your back
03. Razors edge
04. Pacifist
05. Fear and loathing
06. Lost generation
07. Battle cry
08. No vacancy
09. So pathetic
10. Salvation

My copies have no releasedate and is branded as a BHCD release but i think it was originally released by Rock-O-Rama Records in 1994.

Not really as good as their last record but still a really strong record with high value in both the music and the lyrics. Before these songs where recorded Keith left the band and my guess is thats one of the reasons for the bit more nationalistic lyrics.

Lots of good tracks but the best one is Battle cry, a battleanthem with great lyrics. Someone once told me that the song is about the battle for Shusa in 1992 between Armenian forces and Turkish friendly forces of Azeri but i cant connect the lyrics to that political event. All i know is they dedicate the song to "Forces of Karabagh" and there was an Armenian group of soldiers called "Forces of Karabakh". Probably can be true but if someone knows exact information then please let me know.

Most "in your face" song is the track No vacancy, a song against immigration and the government's backyard sales of workingclass jobs to oversees counties. This all out of a nationalistic and realistic viewpoint and it is no way extreme to me but some might be turned off by it.

Another interesting song is So pathetic witch is a great track switching back and forth from a melodic ska song to an uptempo punksong about the fake MTV generation and the unity between subcultural youthgroups like skins and punks.

(sold them all) I have 3 spare copies of this CD so if anyone in Sweden wants to buy it contact me and i will let it go for 25sek + 25sek in shipping.(sold them all)

3 kommentarer:

  1. In short, BHCD was (is?) ROR.


  2. Hm must be a cheap re-release by them then since it has no insert or even date of release to speak of and from the R-O-R records i own they all came with good bandinfo etc.

  3. It varies, most of my ROR releases suck to be honest, cover and cd more or less, some b/w only.