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tisdag 10 maj 2011

Rogues - From the dead end Demo (1989)

01. Dead end
02. Factory line
03. Rather be blind
04. Unemployment blues
05. Cocaine
06. Rogues
07. Corruption
08. Bleed

This was a demo but i think it was released as an EP/LP later on but cant back that up with any information.

This demo and the cassetteEP they released in 1990 called Get out alive led to their their first full-length called Zero street but this demo holds a lot of tracks that never made it onto that record so be sure to download it.

Two great tracks that didnt make it onto any of their other record are Unemployment blues an Rather be blind. That last one is still an "urban legend" today since it has some unclear lyrics. The correct lyrics on the chorus is "Rather be blind and not see" but many people still likes to think that they sing "Rather be blind and nazi". After hearing it over 500 times i can still today say that it's a bit shady but believe me it's "not see".

Their melodic yet rough rock'n'roll sound is perfect so be sure to download this little piece of forgotten awesomeness.

3 kommentarer:

  1. awesome, one of the best us oi records i've ever heard, imho it's actually worth the rest of their releases.
    great blog, never give up-never give in. cheers from russia

  2. Seems like copies of their records and CDs have disappeared into the ozone--they never turn up anywhere for some reason. The 2nd LP kind of sucked, but they penned some great tunes and, yet, a lot of people never heard of them. One of the few so-called "street rock" bands that actually carried a desperate street vibe into their music, instead of the usual beer-drinkin' phony tough guy bullshit.

  3. Mrpoopy:
    I dont ever think i have seen an original release by them being sold on Ebay. Always the same BHCD copies that i already own.
    Someone is hamstering out there.