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torsdag 12 maj 2011

Rogues - Zero street (1991)

01. Get out alive
02. Factory line
03. Strike first
04. Aint gotta clue
05. Across the wrist
06. Corruption
07. Triumph of the will
08. Bought and sold
09. Long hot summer
10. Rogues
11. Zero street
12. Rotting free

This one was released by Rock-O-Rama Records in 1991 but was originally released by Force Majeur. When i dont know.

Damn this is a great record. Starting it all off with the superb track Get out alive that i think most recognise either from this band or Keith's later band Glass heroes. I like the fact that a band that was this far out on the right-wing doest feel the need to express it in their lyrics and to be honest the only political messages is those of any other workingclass band.
They take up subjects such as the downfall of the civilised society (Get out alive), workingmans struggle for a better life (Factory line) and the illusion of freedom's we think we have over the cheesy but good ska-influenced track Rotting free.

Dont worry they also bring more lighter subjects like some of the "good old ultraviolence" that can be ehard in the tracks Rogues and Strike first.

Best track on the album is Triumph of the will with great drums and a dynamic "fist-in-the-air chorus" that falls into the same lyrical I-pod folder as songs like Rise above by Black flag and Starkare by Perkele.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Never thought this band was that good. Same thing for RIval. Arresting Officers were much better and deserve the 10.

  2. My grades are often based on memories of the records and my general mood of the day and should not be taken as a general and universal oppinion and i thought that was clear to everyone.