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måndag 30 maj 2011

The 86'ed - S/T LP (2009)

01. America today
02. 5th and six
03. Not guilty
04. Going on dead
05. Society's underdogs
06. What's left?
07. Been done before
08. Sold out
09. American dream
10. Media
11. Revolution
12. 2nd class citizen
13. Manch firm

Released by Dim Records in 2009.

For a band that has been around since 1999 it was about fucking time they got their first proper release. Its easy to hear that they have a solid arsenal of hits to pick from since they started the band 10 years ago.
It's a surprisingly pretty album cover for being an Oi! band these days with the American eagle cluthin' and charging the neverdying snake of communism (ehh umm that might not make much sense but its pretty to look at atleast).
When i first got the record i thought most songs sounded the same and didnt really give them a chance. I loved the songs from their old split and the song Manch firm wich made me come back to the album over and over again. After 2 years now i can say that it's actually really good and those songs that didnt really stand out at first kicked in after i had heard them 10+ times.

I know it sounds stupid but give this album a second (and a third) chance and you to will probably see the charm with it.
The record is still available for purchase at:
Dim records
Pure impact
Arrest records

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