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onsdag 1 juni 2011

Reason to fight - Blood & glory CD (2009)

01. Abused and oppressed
02. Side by side
03. Battle brigade
04. Revolt
05. Eyes of innocence
06. Riot
07. Embrace
08. Haymaker
09. Blood & glory
10. Five men fighting
11. A common thread
12. Can't get along with anyone
13. Potter's field
14. Up in arms

Released by Lude boy Records in 2009.

Yet again a review that is far from fair since my appetite for hardcore music designed for the skinhead audience is close to nonexistent. I am not a big fan of hardcore in the first place even though i like a lot of Swedish bands like Refused and Raised fist and offcourse the legendary US bands like Warzone, Iron cross and Slapshot (even if i have come to grow out of those bands in my older days, i hardly never put on a NYHC song these days).
Even if the startingfield for this review isnt that good i actually quite liked some parts of it. The song Battle brigade is actually really good (mostly cause it reminds me of how Slapshot USED to sound like). But for a band that has been around since 2001 one would think that they would have some more sure shots layin around the studion.

My guess is the common man will probably like this band more than a lot of the bands that i have given 10scores to but for me this is kid-music. Maybe Emo kids over-running your scene is a good indication to move on to greater things..... just me thinking out loud.

This band also released a split EP last year but since i dont want to ruin the sales for any band weither i like them or not i wont upload that album until 2012 or 2013.
This record is still available for purchase at:
Pure impact

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  1. Reason To Fight are awesome. Hard working band and great people