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söndag 12 juni 2011

V/A - American headaches LP (1991)

01. The wretched ones - You're a prima donna
02. The wretched ones - I hated school
03. The wretched ones - Don't need no love
04. The wretched ones - We're not stopping now
05. Niblick henbane - We don't want to play
06. Niblick henbane - Future
07. Niblick henbane - Danny's song
08. Niblick henbane - Tallahassee lassie
09. The wussies - New age
10. The wussies - Jerry's shy
11. The wussies - Karen
12. The wussies - Sitting in my room
13. Mental decay - Gang bang
14. Mental decay - End of the road
15. The burnt - Charlie Brown
16. The burnt - I wanna pet my cat

Release by Dim Records in 1991.

Being the driving force of the New Jersey punk scene Armen started Headache Records that put out a boatload of classic albums, his own bands The burnt and The wretched ones being two of the bigger bands on the label.
It had a ton of other great Oi! bands like Headwound, Those unknown, Broken heroes and Squiggy on their label but also released some more hardcore and punk oriented bands like the other 2 bands on this comp. This perticulair LP wasnt released by the label though. It was actually Dim Records who released old Headache EP's as a comp album.

The wretched ones are somewhat of the grandfathers of Oi! these days but back in 1991 they where one of the biggest names around. Their songs on this comp have just like all the other bands on it taken their songs from already existing records/ep's or the songs have been released on albums after this comp so donty go expecting anything new from this record. Best band on the comp though.

Offcourse you cant have a Headache comp without Niblick Henbane being on it. They bring along one of my favourite songs by the band, namely Future. Even though i am far from a teenager these days there is just something "anthemy" about this song that i love. One of those songs you should listen to if you do what i do, quit school and start working on some warehouse.

The wussies released 2 EP's (both on Headache) and the songs here are from their New age 7''. Oldschool American punk with a sound leaning towards Ramones and like most other bands like that it sounds like pure and utter garbage in my ears. ¤This band will not be featured on the site¤

Mental decay features members from more famous NY bands like Adrenalin O.D. and plays punkrock with heavy influenses from both metal and the sort of westcoast punkrock that every Swedish skatemovie used and abused until we were all sick of it in the 90's. Not a big fan of the band but they have actually managed to squeze in the 2 songs i like on this comp so i aint got nothing to complain about. ¤Just like The wussies i will not feature this band on the site¤

The burnt
are legendary and so are the songs they have blessed this album with. Humoristic without becoming lame. Gotta love Charlie Brown.

Tons of great songs but since none of them are exclusive at this age i cant really give it a higher score.

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  1. Good record could you upload volym 2 also