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lördag 4 juni 2011

The loose skrews - Have another brew CD (2005)

01. When the going gets tough
02. Coulda been a contender
03. Born to loose
04. Dont say no
05. Try and fail
06. First comes the bottle
07. This time tomorrow
08. I dont ask for nothing (Antiseen cover)
09. Loose Skrew Brew Crew
10. Somebody else's problem now
11. Drink up you bastards
12. Betrayed once again
13. The best times
14. Fuck with me not
15. Three kinds of love
16. Who's laughing now?
17. Boozed up and burned out

Released by Hairball8 Records in 2005.

Ok first thing first. What's up with the kiddie porn cover? Get some fullgrown and voluptious women to pose for your covers damn it.

My favourite LS release to date. A lot of these songs where featured on their third album and even if those where re-recorded to have better quality i prefer this sound better actually.
Both a bit harder and faster on this on compared to their earlier release.
Lyricaly it's not a really advanced album (and neither is any of their releases). Its 70% beerdrinking and "positive alcoholism", 15% heartbreak and being walked out on (because you drink to much) 10% underdog lyrics about being treated like shit (cause you drink to much), 5% hate and violence (because you are drunk). This isnt really a problem since it's all done in a fun way and it wouldnt really be a drunkrock band otherwise.
All tracks on the record where new for 2005 (except for the last track that was on a 4-way split with Dead kings and two other bands in 2004) and i like how they are able to deliver 17 tracks of this quality in less than a year.
Their "trademark song" Born to lose did its firsttime appearance here and so did my favourite song Fuck with me not.
The song that stands out the most is probably Drink up you bastards. If Shane MacGowan would have been from Atlanta and grown up on American folkmusic this is probably how it would have sounded.
The record can still be bought at Interpunk for cakemoney so dont be cheap. Support if you like it.

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