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torsdag 23 juni 2011

Better dead than red & The skulls - Nations of pride CD (2002)

01. The skulls - Skinheads Brazil
02. The skulls - Giants of Brazil
03. The skulls - SSA brutal (Bandeira de Combate cover)
04. The skulls - Patriot crusader (Crusada patriotica cover)
05. The skulls - Nationalist hero (Carbonario cover)
06. The skulls - For real skinheads
07. BDTR - Crusader
08. BDTR - Who we are
09. BDTR - Fire in their eyes
10. BDTR - Ruins of Chamelot
11. BDTR - American radio
12. BDTR - The watchmen
13. BDTR - Time

Released by PRO AM Records in 2002.

A split CD that BDTR did with Brazilian band The skulls who's singer sounds exactly like an animated frog i used to wath when i was a kid named Grodan boll. This is in no way anything good. As a matter of fact it sounds awefull. What makes this Brazilian band even worse is that they take songs from good bands like Bandeira de Combate and utterly destroys their songs.
If you want a quick laugh you might want to listen to them and their ignorant and childish lyrics but i know i would rather watch that Grodan boll movie one more time than listen through these 6 songs. One of those RAC bands that makes me want to join my local Communist party.

BDTR has one of their retarded relapces and have completly lost their rhythm yet again. My guess is these sogns featured are old recordings cause songs like Fire in their eyes sound nothing like it does on the great The world needs a hero that was releaced just months before this one.
One of their best tracks is featured here (though in a turded down version), namely Who we are. They would later release a much better version of this song but i guess this track pushes up the grade atleast one notch.

1 kommentar:

  1. Haha, again a great review, damn it, that's really a total bullshit release and wtf THE SKULLS thought they would be doing on this one could be pretty interesting;-). I think THE SKULLS not only would you make join your local communist chapter ;-) but I think they had also been the precursor band of the still around (?) R.A.C. band FIST OF STEEL (but they did not improved that much after all even "PURE IMPACT" used to release an album or so of them and yes, the lyrics stayed that great over the years...), and BDTR also put a bunch of crap on this one (my favorite "FIRE IN THEIR EYES" got raped and violated on this one here by its very own band, terrible).
    - Manslaughter Andy