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torsdag 16 juni 2011

Time bomb 77 & Klasse Kriminale - Clockwork Anthems LP (1996)

01. Time bomb 77 - Protect & serve
02. Time bomb 77 - Quit
03. Time bomb 77 -Plague
04. Time bomb 77 -Born to kill
05. Time bomb 77 -Aint no feble bastard (Discharge cover)
06. Time bomb 77 -Mind's eye
07. Time bomb 77 - Spirit of 69
08. Time bomb 77 -They tell us
09. Time bomb 77 - 77 in 95
10. Klasse kriminale - Oi! fatti una risata!
11. Klasse kriminale - Accendi un'altra sigaretta
12. Klasse kriminale - Costruito in Italia
13. Klasse kriminale - Cowpunk simphony
14. Klasse kriminale - Ragazzi come tu e mé
15. Klasse kriminale - Oi! siamo tu ed io vincenti
16. Klasse kriminale - La ragazza balla tshirt (live)
17. Klasse kriminale - Goal (live)
18. Klasse kriminale - Oi! Oi! skinhead (live)

Released by Mad Butcher Records in 1996.

A really rare release and the first of Mad Butchers Clockwork Anthems serie (there was 4 of them if i dont remember wrong). I will ignore this extremly rotten and foul cover and just focus on the musical content (and to think they used that same cover for all their Clockwork anthem series haha).
Dont know if its the secondsecondsecond hand quality 0n the LP or the quality of the recordings but it aint good. Most songs are way better on their Protect & serve record. Still some good stuff by Time bomb, especially their song Protect & serve that is my favourite. That perticulair song reminds me a bit about something between The suspects (why i dont know so dont try to make me explain myself).

They split the LP with the longrunners of Italian Oi!, namely Klasse kriminale. A band that used to be good but after Antonella left the band it has really turned shit. Nowdays i look at Klasse kriminale as the copy and Antonella's new KK as the original since i always thought her voice made the band stick out. Sadly enough she doesnt bless many songs on this split and the 4 last songs where even recorded after she left the band.
Best song here is Costruito in Italia where she sings solo and it's always nice to hear her voice no matter if it is old Klasse kriminale, The herberts (well she didnt really sing in that band though), her new band or the songs she did together with Battle zone.

Bad soundquality (probably because of the state of my record) and a somewhat weak selection of songs by KK but still no garbage release.

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