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söndag 26 juni 2011

Better dead than red - Marx was wrong CD (2006)

01. We're back
02. Marx was wrong
03. Ultra terror
04. Cant believe
05. Loser skins
06. Who's got the power
07. Always to late
08. Tomorrow is ours
09. The sound of rebellion
10. Better dead than red
11. American radio
12. Sword of the west
13. Code of honor
14. Wrong or right
15. Lionheart

Released by Prophecy Records in 2006.

An instresting album mixing Oi! with some bits of oldschool hardcore, some Skrewdriver and a bit of Ramones.
Even if most of their lyrics also on this release are a bit childish i quite like the overall result and musically its way above most other things they have done previously.
If you can see past their paranoid worldview about American gouvernment being over run by old Russian communists and their problems with seing the differance between capitalism and communism (because the differance is quite big i might add) there is even some actually good and thoughtfull lyrics to be heard on this cd.

First of is the militant We're back a RAC track with marching boots in the background and one hell of a brutal chorus quickly followed by the cocky Marx was wrong with lyrics such as "You can go ignore, you can turn your back or spit us in our face/But Marx was still wrong/Spread your propaganda, attack our faiths/ But Marx was still wrong..Marx was wrong!".
My favourite tracks on the CD are the Ramones influenced punkrock track American radio and the excellent song Can't believe. That last track is some of the best songwriting i have seen from any of Bryans projects.

As always when dealing with bands like these its a whole lot of politics i feel as if i could have been without and the constant "blame it on the reds" can get annoying after a while. And most tracks where the band try to be more Oi! are not really great (Loser skins and Ultra terror).

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