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tisdag 14 juni 2011

Time bomb 77 (introduction)

Yet another band from the never slowing Atlanta scene.
This band has been around since 1993 and started out with Lon Strickland on vocals, Chet Bastard and Gary "OXO" Yoxen on guitar, Dave Whitworth on bass and Don Shumate on drums. The band didnt live long but actually managed to release 2 albums and 2 EP's during their 4 active years.
After a year of slaving in local bars they finally hit their first deal with GMM Records. Around the same time Chet left the band to concentrate on Adolf and the piss artists but he still does the rhythm parts for their 1995 release 77 in 95.
In 1996 they released their first LP (well not really since it was a split LP with Italy's Klasse Kriminale) through Mad Butcher Records. The songs featured on this LP was re-recorded for their 1997 LP called Protect & Serve released through Knockout Records.
At this time Don Shumate had his hands full with his new position as drummer in Anti-Heros and Lon had already left the band so the band did a last push and released the EP The American way.

One of those bands that did some really good Oi!-songs but still stayed punks. A thing many new bands of today can learn a thing or two from.
No football references in their bandnames, no Fred Perry shirts, no forcefull attempt to shitty the quality on the songs to make them "sound more Oi!" and no merchandise being sold like crazy after one demosong?
Crazy i know.

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