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fredag 17 juni 2011

The jacks - Concrete death 7'' (2006)

01. Concrete death
02. Outta line(s)
03. Too young
04. Nothing in common

Released by RLD Records in 2006.

After reuniting in 2005 and doing some shows they decided to release an EP to fill out their starving discography folder. The band (except Jay who now is replaced by someone named Todd on bass) have grown up and it only takes 10 seconds of the first song to hear that. The band has now turned into a more garage sounding surfpunk (since i am not to familiar with that genre i will leave the band references out) or modpunk if that explains it better.

My ripp of this record was made about a year ago before i got the new and expensive needle for my Stanton player so the sound is quite shitty (though instead of complaining and asking me to re-ripp it you can just get out and buy it you cheap bastards).
Since this isnt really my sort of music the only bands i can come to think of is Swedish band The hives (oh and there he went with the band references even though he doesnt know first thing about this genre) and that is only positive if you ask me.
Favourite song on the EP is Too young where Rich sings in that emotional and untrained way that somehow got lost in modern punk thanks to all the fucking hardcore bands spoiling it. On some parts of the song it even sounds as if he loses his voice in the effort.

Not in any way an Oi! record but kickass release nevertheless.

The band re-re-united again in 2009 and recorded some more songs but none of them ever got released.
The ep is available for purchase through Interpunk so get your own if my old workingclass needle isnt good enough for you.

2 kommentarer:

  1. been searchin high n low for this. cheers mate.

  2. hey,

    Jon from The Jacks is doin a band,Radio Exiles, with ex members of Dead Heros.they have 3 7"s out. very chiswick sound.