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tisdag 7 juni 2011

Bernando fuck yeah!!!

Decided to reopen my old site called Fuckyeah!! after posting at Down underground for about a year now. I will still be a part of Down underground but i will focus on Fuckyeah!! and this site (offcourse).
The main reason isnt because i was called a nazi by the readers when i posted Böhse onkelz (haha) or the fact that punks told me that Oi! started out as a unity thing between blacks and whites (hahaha) i simply like to order my posts in genre and with 5 other members in the crew and over 5000 albums uploaded it's not as if i can waltz in and reorganize the whole site to my liking.

On Fuckyeah!! i will simply do my own thing and post whatever i feel like in whatever fashion i want and being an antisocial soul not so found of teamwork i feel like it suits me much better.

Go and take a look at http://bernandofuckyeah.blogspot.com/

Long live me. Long live Bernando!!!

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